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e had gone otherwise. He had spent five years with the company, rising Cisco Certification from the ranks to a place of honor at Toyne s right hand. Had he stayed, it might well have been him the men turned to after Myles died, instead of Harry Strickland. But Griff did not regret the path he d chosen. When I return to Westeros, it will not. be as a skull atop a pole. Flowers stepped out of the CCIE Service Provider it exam tent. Go on in. The high officers of the Golden Company rose from stools and camp chairs as they entered. Old friends greeted Griff with smiles and embraces, the new men more formally. Not all of them are as glad to see us as they would have me believe. He sensed knives behind some of the smiles. Until quite recently, most of them had believed tha. t Lord Jon Connington was safely in his grave, and no doubt many felt that was a fine place for him, CCIE Service Provider a man who would steal from his brothers in arms. Griff might have felt the same way in their place. Ser Franklyn did the introductions. Some of the sellsword captains bore bastard names, as Flowers did Rivers, Hill, Stone. Others claimed names that had once loomed large in the his.

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